Design your What's Next


Design your What’s Next

Create an inspired plan for your Third Age

Are you daydreaming about what you’ll do once you retire from your 9-5 role?

Are you thinking of retiring early and doing something different?

You’re not sure what is next for you, are you looking for something better?

You’ve already retired and feeling at a bit of a loose end?

Feel like you have lost your identity now you are no longer an ‘engineer’ or a ‘teacher”?

Have your kids flown the nest leaving you feeling aimless?

You’ve been looking forward to retirement for SO long, but now it is here and the initial excitement has worn off, are you questioning if this is it?

If any of the above apply to you, Design Your What’s Next could be just what’s needed!

Let’s take a closer look at what Design your What’s Next involves:

A diagnostic questionnaire we call the Wayfinder provides insight into where you might focus your Third Age plan.

A self paced course (that takes 6-8 weeks to complete), taking a deep dive into the NINE key factors that contribute to a successful Third Age.

Each module of the course contributes to the development of your personal, Third Age plan. See the curriculum here.

ELEVEN high-quality videos that help you think more holistically about your life post full-time commitments.

A Workbook which you can print or use online, which facilitates reflection and the build of your Third Age Plan through more than THIRTY-FIVE activities.

Membership of our online Facebook Community (Retirement Redefined – Inspiration for your Third Age) to continue the conversation with like-minded folk.

Access to the course for a year so you can go back at any time to rewatch lessons or review your Third Age Plan.

Your facilitators are always available to answer specific questions you may have as you progress.

Design Your What’s Next now!

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What people are saying about

Design your What’s Next


I was really looking forward to my retirement. It was going to be the best after the 9-5 slog was done! And, for the first six months it was. And then I began to wonder what the hell I was going to do with the next 20 years.

After completing the course I now have a detailed Third Age plan and, better still, a group of like minded people I can check in with to keep me on track.

Theresa and Jon

We want to stay happy and healthy as long as possible in our Third Age. We trusted the ideas and information in this course as it is based on global research and not just the next fad. It was fun, got us to explore things we probably would not have as a couple, and now we have an inspired plan for our Third Age!


I had really only fixated on money before I completed Design your What’s Next. Will I have enough to retire? Now I understand that, even if I had all the money in the world, it doesn’t guarantee a happy Third Age. There is SO much more to it than that!

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Design your What’s Next


Create an inspired plan for your Third Age

+ Coaching Package


  • Design your What’s Next course (more info)
  • Six personal sessions with your coach to support and challenge as you work through the course.

Consider gifting this course to a parent or friend who would benefit from this wonderful opportunity to plan an inspiring Third Age.

The program will help you to:

Redefine your purpose. Find what brings you energy each day.

Define your initial and longer-term goals for your Third Age. We don’t stop goal setting just because we are no longer working full-time.

Make the most of what the research is telling us about successful aging, including ongoing learning for your future.

Optimise your community and connections. They are a critical part of a successful Third Age.

Learn how to stay healthy going forward. This involves partnership with your healthcare professionals.

Cut through the hype about how much money you need to retire and put your individual plan in place. (everyone is different here!)

Leverage the skills and experience you have and identify what you will need to facilitate your Third Age plans.

And finally, pull it all together into an inspiring plan for your What’s Next and then Go Live It!

Design Your What’s Next now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete this course with my significant other?

Absolutely! We encourage this. The research tells us that couples that plan their Third Age together are likely to be happier and more successful during this part of their relationship.
The Wayfinder questionnaire should be done individually.

I have never done an online course before and am not very technical. Will I be able to?

Of course! We have carefully chosen tools we think are pretty user friendly. If you do have any issues we are also at the end of an email or phone to ensure you get access promptly.

When does this course start?

The course is always available and you can start it at any time as it’s a completely self-paced online course you decide when you start and when you finish. However, if you wanted to complete it with a small group, we start one at the beginning of each quarter Jan – April -Jul and Oct. Several live check ins will happen during the programme on these courses. So if you can start in one of these – all the better!

Who is Design your What’s Next suitable for ?

This course is for people who want to really thrive in their Third Age.
  • Those who are getting close to retirement and want to create an inspired plan.
  • Those who are already retired and feel lost or aimless.