It’s not retirement, it’s your Third Age

There’s no magic, one-size-fits-all answer for building a fulfilling and healthy Third Age.

Understanding your current expectations and readiness for entering your Third Age can be the key that unlocks your ability to shape your creativity, healthy habits, purpose, and foster strong relationships and community.

The WhatNextology Wayfinder is a free questionnaire and report that explores important factors proven to be essential for a healthy and fulfilling Third Age.

The Wayfinder will help you identify strengths you can leverage, and areas where you might want to seek support.


The questionnaire is based on scientific research into what can help people thrive once they no longer have full-time commitments.


Let’s take a close look at what your Wayfinder Report will include.

Your Momentum
The first cluster of the Wayfinder is Momentum. This aspect of the Wayfinder explores the vision, energy and curiosity you bring to planning for your Third Age.
Your Community
Community is the second cluster in the Wayfinder. It explores the strength of relationships you have with family, close friends, broader acquaintances and yourself – all of which are important to thriving in your Third Age.
Your Assets
The third cluster of the Wayfinder looks at the Assets you bring to your Third Age. These include your personal well-being, financial resources and the skills and experience you will need for your future.

Meet some of our community members and see what they learned from their own personalised Wayfinder Report.


“I really appreciated the structured and interactive approach. The overall process is keeping me on my toes and contributes to my motivation towards my next steps, especially during these challenging times.”


“I did the Wayfinder at the point when I was just starting into my Third Age after moving out of the family business. Between the Wayfinder and the supporting course, I feel like I have completely changed my attitude to some things in a way that is really positive for my life going forward.”


“The Wayfinder brought home the fact that I had been going from day to day and not doing enough preparation for the future.”


“I did the Wayfinder as I recently made a decision to pivot away from a career that has spanned more than 40 years in the same industry. The Wayfinder helped me identify and reconfirm some of my thinking around formulating plans for the future. I’m keen to move forward with plans to see how I can leverage my years of skills and experience and skills and work towards developing new ventures in my Third Age.”

The questionnaire takes approximately 5 minutes to complete

“It’s only after you step outside of your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow and transform”

– Roy T. Bennett.