Wondering what's next?

WhatNextology (wot.nekst.ol.uh.jee) noun. the science or study of what’s next.

Born out of the desire to live boldly and with purpose, WhatNextology is a diverse community of inspiring individuals who are getting ready to or have already retired.

Welcome to your Third Age

We define the Third Age as that time of exciting possibilities that comes after full time family commitments or what’s commonly called a career.

  • It’s not retirement, it’s our Third Age
  • We haven’t lost our purpose: we have the freedom and time to redefine it
  • It’s not all about financial planning, it’s about living fully

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Is WhatNextology for me?

Whether you’re taking your first steps towards retirement or have been out of the full-time working world for a little while already, we welcome you to the WhatNextology community.

What’s important is that you have a thirst to explore the possibilities before you. You’ll be learning and sharing, finding inspiration from others and — before you know it — inspiring them with your own stories.

WhatNextology is for you if:

  • You’re still working, and retirement is approaching fast. It might get you excited, or it might get you down — in any case, it’s no longer just a speck on the horizon.
  • You made it until that final paycheck, the farewell party’s over, you have nobody to look after at home, and you’re starting to feel like a discarded balloon. There must be more than this, right?
  • You’re loving the time and freedom that have come with retirement, and you’re feeling inspired. It can get a bit lonely though, and you’d appreciate some like-minded people to share the experience with.

WhatNextology provides learning on how to create your Third Age plan, coaching for those who want to dive deep and community to interact with like-minded folk.

Design Your What’s Next!

Create an inspired plan for your Third Age.

Some of us jump headfirst into our Third Age, while others need some time to take stock of the options and plan carefully.

Design Your What’s Next is an online course that will help you gather your ideas, identify what might be missing, and leverage what works best for you. The result: a solid, step-by-step, actionable plan to get the ball rolling.

As you go through the modules — at your own pace — you’ll discover all the potential you hold for your Third Age.

Take a closer look at what this course involves through the link below.


Your Coach.

Do you prefer personalised support? Our one-to-one coaching sessions provide inspiration and guidance for shaping your Third Age plan. Your coaching sessions will help you curate the lifestyle that will make you happy, bring clarity to your goals as well as accountability for your journey. WhatNextology coaches are internationally accredited, highly skilled and bring bags of experience to the conversation.

If you are interested in coaching, book a 30 – 60 min no obligation call to fast track your progress toward creating your inspired Third Age.