By: Nanette Fairley
July 15, 2021


Ever thought about writing?  Perhaps once you have the additional time that comes with stepping out of full-time employment, this might become more of a possibility.

Perhaps you’ve got a story to tell about some interesting family history or perhaps your own story.  Maybe a memoir.  Possibly a children’s story bubbling away?  I already have the title of my children’s book, should I ever write it!  ‘The Aunt who Came to Dinner on a Jetski’.  And it would be dedicated to my niece and nephew who were very small humans when I was thinking of coming to visit them by water.

So many fun and interesting stories to tell!

Do you have the plot of a murder mystery or a historical fiction in mind?  Or several short stories to entertain your reader?  Are you more the sci-fi type or someone who conceptualises exciting, alternative worlds like J.K Rowlings?  Maybe the thought of non-fiction writing energises you more?

Perhaps you will choose to write a personal journal, just for you.  Or maybe even a travel tale or two…….

I have the privilege of joining twelve other writers in an anthology that will be published later this year, looking at why writing can be fun and so rewarding.  Titled, Creativity Matters: Find Your Passion for Writing, it has been conceptualised, complied and edited by Wendy H. Jones, a many times published author herself. Wendy writes primarily murder mysteries and children’s books, but she is in the middle of THE most interesting historical non-fiction I can’t wait to read once she types The End!

Many of the anthology chapter writers started writing and developing their skills later in life, so don’t feel that you have missed this boat.  There are many courses you can do, and if you do want to get published, it is the editor’s job to help you polish your manuscript.

You may not want to publish more widely, but rather write a family history or series of short stories to be handed down in your family.  There are so many stories that need to be told so they are not lost.

If you think you might want to write but are not sure yet what genre you might enjoy, or what audience you might target, grabbing this book when it is released will present an amazing menu of different writing options to consider.  There will be an early bird special sometime in Sept, 2021, so if you want to avail of that to kickstart your writing career, or get it back on track, then send me an email with the subject Let’s Write!, to [email protected] and I will be sure to update you the minute the early bird window opens.

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