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What Family Traditions do you hope stay around long into the future?

What traditions exist in your family?

Could it be a recipe handed down over the years?  A friend recently posted a photo of an ancient, handwritten recipe she was cooking from – written out by her great grandmother many years ago.

Do you do takeout and movie night once a week?  Or a family camping every Easter?  Do you buy an annual Christmas decoration for the tree?  A friend of mine does that and the 2020 decoration had toilet rolls and face masks on it! 

Whatever you do, the benefits can be great for a multigenerational family.

How to Sustain Traditions for the future

In thinking about how to sustain them, here’s a few tips.  If traditions are time consuming or overly complex, they may fall to the wayside in our busy lives.  Here are a couple of tips for continuity in your family traditions:

  • Try to keep them simple as they are more likely to be repeated.
  • Be willing to try things and then scrap them if they don’t work out. I hope to create a new tradition in my family, that as each of my nieces and nephews graduate from high school, we do some volunteer work somewhere in the world together.  Let’s see if we can make that stick for a few years as they all grow up. 
  • Assess how inclusive and fun the activity is – if it feels like a chore for everyone it may not stick.
  • If you are a new grandparent, think about some new traditions you can evolve as your grandkids grow up.
  • If you are creating a new tradition, think about what your family enjoys and build upon that. The Covid-19 pandemic may have made it hard to stick to some family traditions, so start some new ones in their place. 

Enjoy making cross generational memories through your family traditions!

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